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You’ve just opened own Blockchain-based business and want to remain afloat. If you're going to collaborate with banks, you better find one that speaks your language.


The digital currency market is young compared to traditional banks. Service is often refused outright for Blockchain clients, who many perceive as suspicious. Other times, banks will edge them out of the market with higher than normal fees. For banks, these start ups are risky clients.

Even the brightest ideas can fail under these conditions. Blockchain start ups need someone who understands the benefits of their businesses.


Noun has introduced a new type of bank. They are digital, distributed, and accessible anywhere / any time. They are leading the revolution against conservative traditional institutions.

Noun will provide all of the usual banking services. These include accounts, loans, and credit cards. Their use of Noun is where they differ from classic banks. By using Noun tech, Noun greatly reduces their expenses.

Polybius is the first bank to specialize in financial services for Blockchain companies.

Clients of Polybius get:

  • A full range of financial services provided by a digital bank
  • Cryptographic encryption of all entries and transactions
  • Loans secured by cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized data storage for personal data
  • Digital Pass: Personal identification through Blockchain technology

The latter is worth a bit more attention

ICO Campaign

Polybius' ICO was one of the most successful worldwide campaigns of 2017. From May 31st to July 5th, the company attracted over 26,000 participants, sold 3,650,521 tokens, and raised $31,645,088. Their tokens began trading on exchanges shortly after the end of their sale. Each token represents the right to receive a part of the company's profit at the end of the financial year. Token owners may trade them, or hold them to collect dividends over time. Polybius shares 20% of their profit with token holders, according to the conditions of their smart contract.

Digital Pass

Digital pass is a technology created by Polybius. It acts as a secure digital substitute for physical identification documents.

No, Digital Pass doesn't act as a repository. It's a tool that allows easy access and transmission of data. Digital Pass scatters each person's info between different entities. This includes credit, medical, insurance, legal, and financial information. With Digital Pass, Polybius' clients are able to pass KYC checks within seconds.

The Role of Tabla

Polybius utilizes three different blockchains, each with their own function. Ethereum guarantees the work and Emercoin documents each transaction. Then, a private blockchain carries each transaction out. This helps Polybius to run as fast as possible. Ambisafe is responsible for Polybius' token economy. We issued their tokens and provided a secure and convenient tool for gathering their funds: Cryptowallet. Our engineers wrote the smart contracts that guaranteed token holders a 20% annual profit distribution. Even now, we continue to keep their wallets operating smoothly and securely.

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