Tabla Protocol

Tabla protocol enables issuance of official shares, fund units, and other financial instruments on public blockchains. It uses smart contracts to automatically enforce transfer restrictions and shareholder rights.

Legally valid cap table

Our tokenized shares the requirements of Delaware Corporation Law, BVI Business Companies Act, and equivalent laws in multiple major jurisdictions. Your cap table is updated in real time as the trades occur.

ERC20 And DeFi Ecosystem

Compliance without compromise: ERC20 standard ensures ease of listing and compatibility with any major DeFi platform or cryptocurrency wallet.

Broker Network

We are the only tokenized stock protocol that has been adopted by more than one trading platform so far. We proudly follow the principles of shared ledger technology, allowing easy cross-listings at multiple licensed brokers.

Access Global Decentralized Marketplace

Full Automation of Private Equity Transactions

The whole process of investor onboarding and transaction execution is now digital and based on blockchain smart contracts. This reduces the cost of transaction close to zero, enabling $1 minimums for primary and secondary trading.

Cryptographic Proof of Compliance

Tabla Protocol encodes all important rules of a Shareholder’s and Stock Purchase Agreements into a smart contract, secured by Ethereum or similar blockchain network. Therefore the compliance of each transaction with these rules is secured by the same amount of computing power as the network itself.

Fast Liquidity

Except the cases when lock-up is imposed by the issuer or regulation, investors can buy and sell multiple times per hour. Blockchain markets don’t rely on human labor for settlement and work 24/7, 365 days per year.

Benefits for Issuers

  • Access global decentralized capital market

    The main benefit of issuing your shares in a public blockchain network is that they become easily accessible for dozens of exchanges and various decentralized finance marketplaces around the globe. Since everyone is using the same shared ledger and ERC20-compatible standard, listing on a new exchange typically takes days instead of months.

  • Automated KYC and compliance

    Most of the tokenized stock trading platforms provide self-service investor onboarding via mobile or web app, which also includes broker-dealer level KYC, OFAC, and other sanction lists screening, and other AML controls that are prone to human error when done manually.

  • Better liquidity for investors

    All tokenized stocks are electronic and listed on at least one automated trading platform from day one. Buyers and sellers enjoy the speed of public stock trading for private equity, available 24/7.

Benefits for Brokers

  • Access global pool of diverse investment products

    A single investment in ERC20 standard integration goes a long way. Thousands of innovative investment products become easily accessible with minimal setup efforts.

  • Decrease the cost of transaction to less than $1

    Automate the entire sales process, including client onboarding, paperwork, and trade execution. Since all work is now done by software, the only cost you pay is electricity and blockchain fees.

  • Automated compliance, secured by blockchain

    Smart contracts-based compliance rules ensure transfer and trading restrictions on the protocol level. No need to worry about hacks or human errors. 
Compliance can now be proven with mathematical proof, based on digital signatures.

Benefits for Shareholders

  • Complete transactions in minutes instead of weeks

    Blockchain accelerates private equity transaction time from the average of 2 weeks to 2 minutes, including payment and settlement. Investors now have 24/7 access to real-time market data and can execute broader set of trading strategies.

  • Most investments become liquid in 6-12 months

    Since the stocks are digital, they become tradable immediately after the expiration of the lock-up period. There is no need to look for brokers or buyers, since the primary offering platform usually offers secondary market trading as well.

  • Invest as little as $1

    While most other platforms ask for at least $10,000, a $1 minimum is a safer way to try something new for entry-level investors.

Benefits for Regulators

  • Full transparency of transaction and market activity

    Even though the investors’ personal information is private, all transfers and trades are recorded in real-time in the immutable ledger, available for anyone to access and verify.

    Regulatory agencies can monitor transactions of specific brokerage or security for suspicious activity.

  • Verifiable self-enforcing compliance rules

    Smart contracts-based compliance rules ensure transfer and trading restrictions on the protocol level. Compliance of all transactions of certain security can be verified by software, through smart contract inspection.

  • Infinite possibilities of monitoring automation

    Real-time access to most of the trades and transfers across all market participants enables a new generation of monitoring software and tools, including access to a real-time cap table, transaction activity of OTC markets, payments, and other.

Tabla vs Other Protocols

Feature TABLA ERC-1404 DS Protocol ST-20
Trading platforms 5 1 1 n/a
On-chain cap table
Blockchains ethereum and celo

Ethereum, Celo






Transfer & trade restrictions
Securities issued 20+ 5 3 n/a

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